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Best of 2008

Here are some links to projects I worked on in 2008.

Canon G9 – Falk & Sun’s
Adi Dassler – Random
TommyTV – Mediarepublic
Philips MSS – Mediarepublic
Quidam grafitti - Falk & Sun’s
Varekai backstage – Falk & Sun’s
Hyves PSP portal – Hyves


Varekai backstage

The Varekai backstage application is an Adobe AIR application to promote the Varekai show of Cirque du Soleil. The application shows exclusive video’s and photos behind the scenes of the show. Recently I added an upload feature to upload your own “training” photos and videos. Keep an eye out for updates. Download the application here.

Varekai backstage

Hyves PSP portal

Recently I finished a project for Hyves and Sony. Sony wanted to promote the media capabilities of the PSP and they had the idea to create an application to download foto’s and videos from Hyves onto a users PSP. IIZT made the application to facilitate the download from Hyves to the PSP, I made the website to promote the download of the application and also to facilitate the download of foto’s and video’s onto the PSP.

Users can browse through foto’s and video’s from their friends, or search for foto’s and video’s on Hyves. When they like to upload a foto or video to their PSP (if they have one) the only thing they have to do is to click on the download button. You can visit the site here (a Hvyes account is required).

Hyves PSP portal

Check out the recorded video of the website in case you don’t have a Hyves account.

Quidam graffiti

Last year I worked on a project for Cirque du Soleil. The goal was to promote the Quidam show by making a viral website. The idea was to create an endless wall on which visitors can paint a message or just an image. When they are done the could send it to friends. The friends could paint over the received message and send it back or to someone else. You can visit the site by clicking here.

View the quidam graffiti website

Check out the recorded video for the Quidam grafitti website below.

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