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LanguageTool version 0.5

In a lot of my projects I use my own created language package. The language package manages different pieces of text for multiple languages at the same time. The text is stored in xml files which can be edited later without having to recompile the flash application. It also allows you to switch between different cultures dynamically.

Even though it was already a lot easier to edit text after an application was published, a lot people that had to edit the xml files had trouble doing it correctly, which caused corrupt xml files. Thats the reason why I created the LanguageTool which allows a more visual way of editing and doesn’t allow for mistakes to happen. It is still work in progress, but it should function just fine. There is an update function in the application which lets you check for updates. Download the language package, tool and example here.


AStar pathfinding demo 2, with source

Here is another demo of my actionscript 3.0 AStar implementation. If there is a path the algorithm is guaranteed to find it. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the shortest path.  You can play with the demo here and download the source here.

AStar demo 2

Varekai backstage

The Varekai backstage application is an Adobe AIR application to promote the Varekai show of Cirque du Soleil. The application shows exclusive video’s and photos behind the scenes of the show. Recently I added an upload feature to upload your own “training” photos and videos. Keep an eye out for updates. Download the application here.

Varekai backstage

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