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Philips MSS 2009

My first month as a partner at Random is over and my first project is finished. We had to make a campaign website for the Philips MSS shaver. The idea was to use your webcam and a face recognition algorithm to “scan” your face so the shaver could attach itself to your face. Shaving your face also triggers panels on the right side to explain the unique features of the shaver. People without a webcam can shave the face of a model instead. Check out the website over here, or watch the video below.

Philips MSS 2009

Papervision3D and inverse kinematics

Today I had some time to do some experimenting again. In the Placebo project I used 2D inverse kinematics on the octopus tentacles, so when that project was finished I was curious how that would work in 3D. Turns out not much different then the 2D version. Check out the result over here. I also added a drawing function to the experiment, just click the mouse on the canvas to turn drawing on and off and create your own artwork.


NS Hispeedspotting

Last week I finished a game for NS Hispeed. The game consists of a nice green landscape with some butterflies. Press the button when the timer hits 0.00 and you can win a nice trip. Check it out here.

NS Hispeed

Papervision3D butterfly garden

For a project I’m currently working on we had the idea to add butterflies to give a summery feeling to the environment. I used papervision3D to create and animate the butterflies. Click here for a sneak preview. Move the mouse left and right to rotate the field and click anywhere to follow a random butterfly.

Source is available for download here.

Butterfly garden

Sound and Papervision3D

A long time ago when Papervision3D was just released, I did some experiments with sound. I used the capabilties of flash to analyze the spectrum of the sound that’s been played back and generated 3D triangles to match the output. I lost the original but I thought it would be fun the remake the demo. You can watch and listen to the result here.

Sound and Papervision3D experiment

Quidam graffiti

Last year I worked on a project for Cirque du Soleil. The goal was to promote the Quidam show by making a viral website. The idea was to create an endless wall on which visitors can paint a message or just an image. When they are done the could send it to friends. The friends could paint over the received message and send it back or to someone else. You can visit the site by clicking here.

View the quidam graffiti website

Check out the recorded video for the Quidam grafitti website below.

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